KPI Tactical Now Offering CADEX Defense Stocks and Chassis

Posted by KPI Tactical on 2/4/2015 to News

(Lancaster, PA)…. KPI Tactical, the premier online retailer of tactical equipment and professional gear, announces a new partnership with Cadex Defence, known world-wide as a leader in military innovation. KPI is one of only a dozen or so retailers in the US authorized to sell Cadex products.

Utilizing leading-edge technology, Cadex equipment is in service worldwide and known for its legendary quality. The company serves both Military clients and civilian markets, offering a diverse product line that includes a modular rifle chassis for most bolt-action rifles, as well as various weapon accessories, shotgun accessories, heavy weapons upgrades, surveillance and spotting scope chassis’ and kits, and even target plates.

Cadex Defence’s main product offering is a fully configurable stock system designed to bring the modularity and mission-specific configuration of the venerable AR-Type Platforms to the bolt-action rifles commonly in use by precision shooters across North America. The result is an end-user installable stock system that combines a free-floated barrel with a completely configurable M1913 Style (Picatinny) Rail system. Essentially, customers can purchase the Cadex model they prefer, and immediately upgrade their own rifle to a near duplicate of the US Military’s new XM-2010 Sniper Rifle platform, including the fully-adjustable, factory folding stock (for portability).

Cadex offers chassis’ in four different base colors to fit rifles from over 13 manufacturers, including Remington, Savage, McMillan, PGWDTI, and Sako, among others. They can also accommodate many short and/or long action models, as well as left-handed versions for compatible models. Additionally, Cadex offers various configurations and price points to meet the demand of nearly every client’s budget. They even have models that accept standard AR-Type stocks so customers can use their favorite version.

“I am a big fan of the Cadex Stock system,” states KPI Chairman and CEO Ren Baker. “I personally have three rifles of my own that I have installed them on and installation is easy, even for those with novice-level gunsmithing skills. With the fully adjustable folding stock that comes right from the factory, I get the benefit of both worlds, from the folded-stock portability on my Remington 700 Police Tactical in 7.62 NATO, to the ultra-long-range comfort and the steady repeatable accuracy on my Savage 110 in .338 Lapua.”

Baker reports that Cadex offers other weapon accessories, shotgun enhancements, and even an extraordinarily useful line of chassis and rails systems for assembling and manipulating surveillance, observation and spotting gear. “You can connect a Canon SLR Camera to a 60x Leupold Spotting scope, and even run a PVS-29 in front of that during nighttime operations. My collection already contains two of these surveillance systems, and I have found them to be indispensable for all kinds of observation activities.”

For more information on the Cadex Defence product line, Contact us or call 888.961.4KPI.

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