KPI Tactical Offers Next Generation Laser Marking for Personalization of Gear and Asset Tracking

Posted by KPI Tactical on 1/1/2015 to News

(Lancaster, PA) KPI Tactical, the premier online retailer of tactical equipment and professional gear, has brought their new Fiber-Laser System online. The new laser marking services will provide customers with the ability to personalize and protect gear and equipment in an extraordinarily cost-effective way.

Fiber Lasers are a Solid State Laser (SSL) technology that offers distinct advantages over the older laser systems. With the new equipment, KPI Tactical has expanded capabilities with regard to beam temperature, beam focus, resolution and burn time that is a big upgrade over the older units. This translates into more stability in the various marking processes. In addition, fiber lasers offer a beam resolution that’s nearly 100 times finer in detail, thereby offering much greater image detail in the marking itself, as well as the added benefits of generating multiple colors from the materials such as aluminum, brass, and even plastics.

Utilizing the new Laser Marking System, KPI has the perfect-fit laser marking solution for any application, material, surface and composition – aluminum, copper, brass, steel (including stainless, chrome and/or nickel-plated) titanium, most plastics, wood, painted or anodized materials and many other substrates. The next-gen laser marking software prepares and processes marks for nearly any surface with a variety of possible markings – from high quality graphics to user-generated text-blocks, script, standard barcodes, 2D barcodes, serial and date codes. Through various events and options, KPI offers standardized, on-the-spot pricing for personalization of things like officer’s handcuffs and magazines, or even LEO departmental equipment, as well as NFA items and accessories – just to name a few options.

“When we continue to get customer requests for an added service line, we know it’s going to be a good investment,” says KPI Chairman and CEO Ren Baker. “This new capability brings a much needed service to the first responder community. The ability to laser mark equipment with asset information, instructions, dates, etc., provides an immediate benefit to the end-user who depends on that equipment in the field.”

A major benefit Baker explains is that this new service provides a permanent solution that can’t be tampered with or removed. For safety and security purposes, it’s a great value to those in law enforcement, emergency medical services, and fire and rescue. However, he is quick to point out that the civilian market can benefit as well. “We have customers who personalize all of their magazines, utilizing the laser marking system, so there’s no confusion when they’re at the range, and maintenance is much easier.”

For more information on the capabilities of the new system and the pricing structure, contact KPI Tactical at 888.961.4KPI or visit our Contact Us.



Lance Robbins
Date: 8/6/2016
I saw a post by one of your customers and really appreciate the work that you all did on the magazines. I'm an FFL in Springfield, MO and interested in getting that done. I'm not sure on how cost effective it may be to send you my items, but would like to check it out. I'm interested in what Fiber Laser System you all are using to engrave these items. Thank you very much for you time. I look forward to hearing from you. Warmest regards, Lance Robbins

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