KPI Tactical to Participate in The PA Tactical Officers Association Conference

Posted by KPI Tactical on 3/2/2015 to News
KPI Tactical, the premier online retailer of tactical equipment and professional gear, announces plans to participate in the PA Tactical Officers Association Conference and Vendor Show, hosted by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police S.W.A.T. Team, on March 24-26, at PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

KPI will be exhibiting in the vendor show, offering a wide variety of merchandise from its online retail shop, Combat/field gear, survival equipment, self-defense merchandise, BDUs, ACUs and SDUs, and a variety of other products for the first responder/law enforcement markets will be available for purchase and/or order.

In addition, KPI will have its new laser marking system onsite, providing attendees with the ability to personalize their purchases. “We’re excited to demonstrate the capabilities of this new system. It’s the latest in fiber laser technology and the advantages over the older CO2 systems are significant,” states KPI Chairman and CEO Ren Baker, adding that KPI can laser mark a wide variety of gear and products for attendees, including handcuffs, magazines, departmental equipment, NFA items and accessories.

Baker reports that the laser marking system has given KPI team members the ability to provide a value-add service to its customers. “We saw a real need in the marketplace for this service and decided it was a good investment for KPI and our customers,” says Baker. “This new capability brings a much needed service to the first responder community. The ability to laser mark equipment with asset information, instructions, dates, etc. provides an immediate benefit to the end-user who depends on that equipment in the field.”

KPI will also be serving as a co-sponsor to the Awards Banquet. “This is our first year participating in the conference and we wanted to ramp up our promotion and really get our name out there in the tactical officer market.  We’re excited to meet a lot of new officers and share our quality product lines with them. I think it’s going to be a great experience for the KPI team.”

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