A&A Tactical, LLC SEACU-Cummerbund for Ferro Concepts Slickster & other carriers

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A&A Tactical, LLC SEACU-Cummerbund for Ferro Concepts Slickster & other carriers

Arguably, the most universal cummerbund on the market, we are pleased to announce the A&A Tactical, LLC SEACU-Cummerbund (Streamline Elastic Ammunition Carrying Unit) (pronounced like Sea Cucumber) 

Capable of holding 4 AR mags or 4 subgun (MP5) mags, which means no more changing out cummerbunds or carriers depending on what type of weapon system you are running. Comes with both LEFT and RIGHT side. 

Those running AR mags get even more capability- you can piggy back your handgun mags, multitool, chemlights, etc into the separate subgun slots while still retaining your AR Mags. The AR slots are even big enough to fit a full size CTS 7290 if you're breaching! 
4 inches wide and 24 inches long and attaches via Hook and Loop attachments so you can easily replace your old boring cummerbund that came with your carrier. 


What makes the SEACU-Cummerbund different than most is its ability to take a wide assortment of magazines and tools. Everything from a radio, to AR mags, MP5 mags, to multiools, to chemlights. You name it, and chances are it will carry it. In its current configuration seen in the pictures, this user has chosen to run AR mags in the rear slots and then handgun mags in the front slots. The front slots can accept and retain full size MP5 mags as well! 

It's the one cummerbund that literally does it all! 

Made in the USA w/ a Lifetime Warranty.

Please remember that all sales are final as part of our clearance event. Contact us if you have any questions. Last 2 left!!!!

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