Franklin Armory

Franklin Armory manufactures components and builds full feature AR-Patterned firearms for “free” states within the US of A.  And - the people of Franklin Armory also specialize in producing legal firearms and firearm components for restrictive jurisdictions such as those found within the regions of California, Colorado, Connecticut, and New York. 

Regardless of destination, every firearm and component is produced, assembled, prepared, and/or packaged at our facility in Morgan Hill, California, and all firearms are made with 100% American made parts & materials. 

Franklin Armory's craftsmanship sets their products apart from the other mass produced items within the market.  Each and every rifle, carbine, “other,” and pistol that ships from their US Manufacturing facility is built by hand, and finished with a custom tuned, single stage, Franklin Armory trigger.  While many other manufacturers have moved to simpler "air-testing" and "Laser Calibration" of their finished rifles, Franklin Armory ensures 100% superior quality and consistency by performing live-fire testing on each and every firearm prior to shipment. 

Like KPI Tactical, Franklin Armory believes that products of quality have no fear of time, and both companies work hard to make sure that your next purchase will be 100% perfect right out of the box. 

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