CCW-PLUS-MAG Hook-&-Loop Insert

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CCW-PLUS-MAG Hook-&-Loop Insert

Your CCW firearm plus a spare magazine can be added to any hook-and-loop surface with this CCW-PLUS-MAG Hook & Loop Insert. Secured in place with a universally fitting elastic strap supported by low slip and tough Hypalon rubber composite. It will hold your CCW and either one single or double stack magazine with a sturdy hook fastener back, ready when you need it.

Specs & Features:
  • Ultra-durable & grippy Hypalon® rubber composite material (resistant to heat, chemicals and UV)
  • Elastic webbing self-adjusts for positive handgun/magazine retention
  • Holds two single or double-stack magazines with dedicated elastic webbing slots, can also retain flashlights, folding knives, multi-tools and other accessories
  • Hook fastener sewn on backside, attaches onto any loop-sided surface
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